4 Common Laser Hair Removal Myths



Laser hair removal is a widely recognised treatment to remove unwanted hair from the body. However, there are some prevalent myths and confusions surrounding this treatment, which could simply influence your views. Below are 5 widespread laser hair removal myths.

1: It Only Takes One Session to See a Result


It is a common assumption to believe that laser hair removal is a miracle treatment whereby just one session will help you see a permanent result. It is recommended that you take up a course of 6 -12 treatments to see an optimum result.

Once your initial laser course has finished you will require top-up sessions at a later stage, this is in order to ensure that you can maintain a reduction. If you are treating the face with laser these top ups can be as regular as once every 2 -3 months.

You would be surprised at how many clients want to test their result on the outcome of a simple one off treatment. After your first session you may be able to see a reduction of 20% or more, but this will differ in every individual.

At Colaz, we know that it can work out more expensive to try and fund for laser session by session; especially when treating larger areas such as your full legs.

2: There is a High Risk of Burns and Side Effects with Laser

As long as the laser is conducted by a fully trained therapist and the correct aftercare advice is followed, the likelihood of laser hair removal burns would reduce significantly.


Laser is completely safe there are no long-term side effects. Certain precautions should be taken by a therapist when you go in for treatment. Make sure they are using the correct machine settings which suit your skin. They should also be made aware of any medications you may be taking at the time.

A method of cooling should be implemented, whether by application of a soothing gel to the skin before contact with the laser or through the use of a cryogen gun which once cools down the area.

If you suffer from sensitive skin and perhaps are prone to flare-ups, then extra cooling should be conducted. Therapists can dab the skin with a cold wet towel and apply a naturally soothing ingredient such as Aloe Vera on to the skin.

3: Laser Can Be Time Consuming

A number of factors determine the length of time for a treatment, but Imani Skin Clinic; we plan for adequate time to go as slowly or as fast as is comfortable and appropriate for each client. Smaller treatment areas such as the underarms or upper lip area can take just 5 minutes to treat. This is really convenient as you can even attend laser sessions during your lunch break.

Laser treatment sessions are spaced out with 4 – 6 week gaps, so it really does not eat up much valuable time at all.

4: Laser is Expensive

That is a myth: Laser is no more expensive, especially when you factor in the value of your time. The main factors that affect the cost are the size of the treatment area. Smaller treatment areas such as face and armpits are associated with lowest laser hair removal prices. Larger areas such as legs and back are quite expensive, as there is a lot more surface area to treat.

Whenever you approach a laser salon, it would most likely benefit you to inquire about any offers that may be currently running. The technology is becoming improved over the years, and the prices are falling down. Laser offers a long-term reduction. When you make a comparison between the money you have spent on laser hair removal as opposed to money put towards other hair removal methods, you are making a huge saving.

At Imani Skin Clinic we offer the latest technology in Laser MPL Hair Removal. You can book in for a free consultation and patch test to see if you are suitable for laser hair removal. 

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